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Scott Miller of The Growth League recently joined Nolen Walker on the Roofer’s Paradise Podcast to discuss his coaching business and why every roofer needs a coach. You must be held accountable if you want to increase your profits and build a long-term successful roofing company.

Why Do Roofers Need a Business Coach?

Roofers need a business coach to hold them accountable and streamline business processes. Contractors who resist coaching almost always fail to realize their business potential and create a sustainable and profitable company.

What Roofing Business Coaches Help With

A roofing business coach can help you with various things, but their primary function is to hold you accountable. You know you lack accountability if you let things slide in your business practices. So let’s look at a list of things that business coaches contribute:


A business coach holds roofers accountable, essential for every business owner. You might think you can keep yourself accountable, but do you realize your full potential? You are probably neglecting some aspects of your business and must be held to account.


Running a successful roofing business requires a specific kind of business mindset. A coach can help you master your mindset to maximize every aspect of your operation. Furthermore, roofers should understand why they started the business in the first place and connect to that energy.


A coach can help you lay out your dreams and aspirations and outline a strategy to reach tangible goals. Every roofing business owner starts their company with a vision in mind. A good coach will keep you anchored to your dreams and help you realize them with sensible strategies.


Perhaps a rogue employee is screwing you out of thousands because of a lack of oversight. A coach can help you manage your finances and keep your employees in line. Understanding your business expenses is critical to maintaining a profitable roofing company.


Contrary to what the latest Instagram influencer told you, a good roofing business owner doesn’t delegate essential tasks. A business coach can help you determine which tasks you can delegate but, more importantly, which ones you cannot.

Selling Your Company

Another thing a business coach can help you with is preparing your roofing company for sale. This is advantageous for multiple reasons. First, even if you never actually sell your roofing business, preparing it for sale ensures it operates at its highest function.

At Roofer’s Paradise, we discourage business owners from selling their companies. However, we believe that preparing for sale can help you run a better and more profitable business operation. Learning about the sales process also helps you grow your business mindset for future opportunities.

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