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Quinn Martin of MCSquared Roofing Joins Roofer’s Paradise

Running your own business requires a finely balanced mix of perfectionism and practicality. That’s the challenging lesson Quinn Martin has learned over decades of running a successful roofing company. Quinn walked into the roofing world at the young age of 12, supporting his step-dad’s contracting business. At age 16, he bought his own truck and began his own startup roofing service. That grew from minor shingle jobs to full installations, siding, deck building, and even interior solutions. 

In today’s podcast, we’ll explore Quinn’s path from exterior contractor to streamlined digital roofing provider, with multiple lessons he learned along the way! We’ll also explore the dangers (and uses) of perfection, plus MCSquared Roofing tactics for maximizing profitability. 

If you’re in need of fresh insights for your roofing company, be sure to listen in!

Stretched Thin and Stressed Out

Quinn’s journey in the roofing journey started out like many others. A personal background in contracting and hard labor, followed by a natural growth in client base and service capabilities. Unfortunately, that thrilling expansion period introduced a dangerous trap, one that many contractors fall into: over-extension.

Simple roofing work ballooned into pull exterior projects and interior renovations. For Quinn, extra solutions came with their own complications, time-drains, and management challenges. His own personal perfectionism only added to these difficulties. A firm dedication to superb craftsmanship helped earn excellent reviews, but it also caused some projects to run longer than necessary. MCSquared’s owner found himself driving back and forth across town managing multiple teams of specialized contractors and running himself ragged. 

Worse still, these extra solutions weren’t even generating any real boosts to the company’s bottom line. Quinn needed a change. He needed to simplify. 

Quinn gradually MCSquared scaled back to its original roots: a purely roofing-focused company.  Not only did this breathe new life into the company’s profit margin, it transformed the ultimate growth path of Quinn’s business.  

Growing Your Roofing Company Digitally with Online Shopping

With the roofing world turned upside down by rising covid restrictions, numerous contracting businesses found themselves spiraling as they looked for ways to recoup sales. Door-knocking was out for many in the more locked-down states, including North Carolina. So were many other traditional marketing tactics that relied on in-person sales. 

For Quinn (who never really liked sales in the first place), this was a tantalizing opportunity to reach prospects in new and creative ways. 

“We weren’t allowed to go out and bid roofs. I started thinking, ‘There’s gotta be a better way to do this.’ Why do I have to go out?’ We’ve been using satellites for years. If I get a request for a quote, I can sit there and use the satellite and measure it out myself. I can see exactly how many feet of ridge there are and…every single inch of material that goes into that roof. And then I compile emails for my customers, email it out to them with five different roof options. Then they just pick the roof that fits their style and budget. Sign online. Pay online. Schedule online.”

MCSquared Roofing has not only reduced their need for sales personnel to practically zero, but they’ve been able to funnel the cost savings back into the business. This means greater profit margins and more incentivized roofing crews. 

A More Practical Version of Perfectionism

Business owners need to feel connected to the function and outcome of their company. For roofing contractors, this often translates into a micro-management habit at every jobsite. While perfectionism encumbered Quinn in the past, he’s found more practical outlets for it these days.

First, he works hard to provide the most information-rich proposals for would-be clients. Consumers have also shown a surprising willingness to shop for roofing online. Quinn attributes most of his client responsiveness to better information availability and low-pressure environments. 

“…I’m not sitting there for two hours in a homeowners house presenting to them, trying to talk them into a certain roof. We’re not trying to sell anybody a roof. We’re trying to give them enough data to [help them] buy the roof. If we give them the options, I’m not going to assume they want the stone coated steel, top of the line roof. I’m also not going to assume they want this cheap little 3-tab roof that’s gonna last them 15 years. I’m going to let them decide what’s right for them. In our proposals, we send tons of information on each shingle. We send the brochure for each and give them the information they need to choose what’s right for them.”

Next, Quinn provides his own finishing inspection at the end of each job. No micromanaging crews during installs, just a simple walk-around to ensure quality control and cleanliness around the site. 

“That’s going to be your first bad review, if you do a bad job on the cleanup…I will walk around the roof. If the debris that I pick up is more than fit in the palm of my hand, somebody screwed up.” This final check also provides ample opportunity to talk with the property owners and build relationships. After all, client referrals are an essential part of every roofing contractor’s business!

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So many contractors break through their first year of business, only to break down due to over-extension. Taking on additional solutions and service areas may seem like easy wins, but these choices come with serious management requirements, labor costs, and time drains. Avoid these pitfalls! Protect your roofing company by cultivating a streamlined service infrastructure first.

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Roof Rejuv: How Shingle Rejuvenation Increases Close Rates

Shingle rejuvenation products like Roof Rejuv can increase roofers’ close rates by 18%. Just ask Tyler Trimbath, who uses Roof Rejuv for his local general contractor company, Mihalko’s General Contracting. Tyler’s wife runs the company and began to grow concerned with construction waste being thrown into landfills. From this concern, the concept of Roof Rejuv was born.

What is Roof Rejuv?

Roof Rejuv is a plant-based roof replenishment solution that contractors can apply on asphalt shingles via spray. Applying Roof Rejuv every five years can extend the shingle roof’s lifespan up to 15 years. The product is engineered for asphalt shingle rejuvenation and contains over 90% agricultural-based oils and a polymer. 

Why Should Roofing Contractors Try Roof Rejuv?

Roof Rejuv can benefit roofing companies in various ways, from increasing close rates, enhancing service options, and preserving the environment. Some homeowners can’t afford complete roof replacement right away, making a shingle rejuvenation product very appealing. Let’s review the benefits:

Increase Closing Percentage

If your roofing sales closing percentage is between 36% and 40%, you probably have great salespeople on your team. But what if you could take that number even higher? Having Roof Rejuv as an option can increase that percentage to 55% or 65% by converting customers to rejuvenation.

Provide an Affordable Alternative

Many homeowners can’t afford a $30,000 roof replacement. A shingle rejuvenation product allows them to extend their roof’s lifespan as they gather the funds for a replacement. While some roofers would rather sell the replacement, having an affordable alternative is ultimately good.

Help The Environment

As a plant-based spray solution, Roof Rejuv is made from reusable ingredients. Furthermore, Roof Rejuv helps reduce landfill waste typical of high-ticket roof replacements. Though some roofing companies are largely unconcerned with environmental wellness, many are passionate about these solutions.

How Does Roof Rejuv Work?

Roof Rejuv penetrates the asphalt shingle to restore flexibility and durability by replenishing the refined oils. It does not lay on top of the shingle like other spray-on solutions. As a result, the product actually stops the aging process. You can see proof via before and after photos of the roof shingles.

How Much Does Roof Rejuv Extend a Roof’s Lifespan?

The lifespan extension depends on the roof’s age at the time of spray application. For example, a 15-year-old roof can expand its lifespan to 30 years over a series of 3 Roof Rejuv applications occurring every 5 years. Older roofs (30+) will depend on the condition of the shingles.

Other Roof Rejuv Benefits

Roof Rejuv’s benefits are proven to restore oils depleted by oxidation and rough climate conditions. Aside from extending a roof’s lifespan and providing an affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to roof replacement, Roof Rejuv also offers the following additional benefits:

  • Decreases Water Permeability up to 97%
  • Protects Against Wind and Hail Damage
  • Increases Shingle Pliability

Roofer’s Paradise Podcast

We hope you enjoyed the podcast episode with Tyler Trimbath and learned about the benefits of a shingle rejuvenation product for your roofing services. If you would like to become a guest on the next Roofer’s Paradise Podcast episode, please¬†contact us¬†at Roofer’s Paradise.