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About the show

Roofer’s Paradise is an audio podcast and video show for roofing contractors and others associated with the roofing industry roofers looking to improve their business model earn more revenue and learn from others success and failure will benefit from this podcast

Each episode explores guests journeys in the roofing industry and how theyve grown their business and attained a better lifestyle In these episodes you will learn valuable and insightful tactics to reach your business goals and improve your lifestyle

You will hear from successful roofing contractors and industry giants whove helped shape the roofing space with innovation dedication and determination

About the host

Roofer’s Paradise is hosted by Nolen Walker the owner of Roofing Webmasters an SEO agency for roofing companies Unlike other marketers Nolen Walker is intimately acquainted with the roofing industry

Aside from helping roofers reach their marketing goals since 2009 Nolen has also participated in roof walks Conklin events and other industryrelated specialties His acute knowledge of roofing helps him relate to guests in ways that others cannot

Through his years running the top digital marketing agency for roofers Nolen has formed relationships with countless roofing contractors at different parts of their business journies In this podcast listeners will hear from a wide range of roofers each with unique insights

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