The Importance of Personal Development with Devan Gallardo of All Exterior Solutions

All Exterior Solutions’ Devan Gallardo takes a very direct approach to managing his roofing company. A heart for learning and a dedication to quality craftsmanship continues to make his service one of the top businesses in a very competitive Denver market. In this week’s Roofers Paradise Podcast, we sit down with Devan to get his take on what it takes to make your own little roofing heaven and maximize your potential through personal development. 

About All Exterior Solutions, Inc. 

This roofing company has served Colorado communities for almost 20 years. While Devan’s business may earn the lion’s share of its annual revenue from roofing installations in Denver, his team intentionally brands itself as a general contracting company instead. “It gives us more of a generalized GC aspect rather than, you know, just roofing. It gives us a lot more variety when homeowners are calling us as well. We’re not limited when people are all ‘Oh, I need my roof done, but I also need someone to handle my siding as well.'”

Recent industry trends suggest that this generalized contractor status can also allow greater opportunities for insured roofing projects, with some agencies offering better payouts to contractors without the “roofing” keyword in their company name. This may vary by state, but it’s an interesting trend to watch. 

All Exterior Solutions offers a broad variety of solutions, including: 

  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Powerwashing
  • Fence

Personal Development and Management in the Workplace

Devan first entered the roofing world at age 15, when a friend convinced him to take a summer job at his father’s contracting business. “We just tore off roofs all summer. I helped with the labor work. It was definitely hard work. I remember the first day I said I never want to do roofing again in my life because it was so hard.” 

But that installation-side experience made a huge influence in Devan’s management style as he continued his career in the industry. It certainly made it easier to spot shady sub-contractor tactics! Now he teaches his project managers to do the same. 

Critical Lessons for Company Owners

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Getting Your Hands Dirty.

Growing up as an introvert made sales a real challenge. According to Devan, he never really liked the idea of trying to sell people what they don’t really need or can’t afford. But even the most experienced sales manager won’t have the same drive to see your business succeed. What’s more important is recognizing that people truly need quality roofing services. 

“What I really love about roofing is we’re not selling anything. We’re offering a service. They know they need it. They know insurance is going to take care of it and cover it. We’re just offering them a great service and a great quality product. [We’re] someone they can trust and put their faith into.”

That personal confidence drives Devan’s roofing lead generation and drives them to go out and connect with people who need help. Yes, that includes door-knocking in communities hit hard by storms and long-term ice damming. It really works when his team offers such excellent service.

Stay Connected to the Management Process

There are plenty of young guns out there who want to start up a self-driving business, then step away and have nothing to do with its management. But that’s rarely the best way to run a business. “If you say ‘I die tomorrow and the company is gonna run.’ I don’t agree with that. You need to be there. You’re the one who started it. You’re the one who took that leap of faith… No one is going to run it as good as you. Get your hands dirty in some form.” 

A personal commitment to manage your business truly sets apart multi-generational companies from the rest. Without a guiding hand to ensure quality control and efficiency, growing brands frequently stumble in their post-development years. That could mean a surge of bad reviews, lost trust, and a (potentially) permanent stain on your brand’s good name. 

Commit Yourself to Personal Development & Professional Growth

Great American entrepreneur Jim Rohn once shared how personal gain only extends as far as your personal growth.  “Here’s the great challenge of life – You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are…You see, here is how the other side of the coin reads – unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.”

The ambitions of men will rarely materialize beyond the breadth of their character. If you want to grow your income and cultivate an exceptionally profitable business, you’ll need to invest in your own personal development first. 

For Devan, that means continually learning about his own industry and marketing tactics through research, conferences, and more. For you, that might mean opening yourself to practicing tasks you’re uncomfortable with. Whatever skills and character you need to cultivate to lead a successful career, just don’t wait too long. Those doors aren’t going to knock on themselves!

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