From Pro Football to Roofing Success with Otis Floyd

Otis Floyd played 11 seasons of professional football in the CFL and XFL after graduating from the University of Louisville. Floyd won two Grey Cups in 2001 with the Calgary Stampeders and again in 2006 with the BC Lions. The former linebacker also won multiple awards for outstanding performance. After that, Otis started a trucking company called Floyd Transportation before working as an insurance adjuster. 

Today, Otis runs a successful roofing company called Paramount Roofing and Consulting in Douglasville, GA. His experience as an insurance adjuster gives him an advantage in the roofing business. As a result, he better understands job costing and has a better skill set for the requisite paperwork involved in the roofing industry.

Skills Transferred from Insurance Adjustor

As we mentioned, Otis worked as an insurance adjustor for 10-plus years, giving him more knowledge than many roofing business owners regarding the paperwork side of the industry. Here are some of the skills that can translate from insurance adjuster to roofing business owner:

  • Customer Service
  • Discipline
  • Organization
  • Paperwork

Roofing Lead Generation Methods

Otis’s company, Paramount Roofing and Consulting, started as 100% door knocking for sales. As things progressed, more of the company’s leads began to originate from referrals. As Paramount gains more traction online through SEO and reputation management, more leads now come from Google.

  • Door Knocking
  • Referrals
  • Google (SEO, Google My Business, Reviews, etc.)

Tips for New Roofing Companies

Because Otis gained rapid success, his tips for new roofing companies are valuable. One thing Otis suggests is hiring the best possible CPA. Many companies lose everything because of financial mismanagement. So before you even delve into marketing, make sure you have a good accountant.

How To Get Positive Roofing Reviews

Paramount Roofing & Consulting has over 120 5-star roofing reviews already, but not all customers were thrilled with their service initially. Luckily, Otis took it upon himself to personally call each of these dissatisfied consumers and make things right. As a result, these people who would have left 1-star reviews decided to submit 5-star reviews.

Finding The Roofer’s Paradise

Every roofing business owner has their own version of roofer’s paradise. For Otis Floyd, his paradise is real estate investments. Otis has dreamed of owning multi-family real estate properties since he was ten years old and has already made that dream a reality.

As Otis continues to thrive with his roofing business and deliver the highest quality services, he will be able to take his real estate investment dreams to an even higher level in the near future. 

Paramount Roofing & Consulting

Paramount Roofing and Consulting operates in Douglasville, GA, and surrounding areas. Douglasville is west of Atlanta and has a population of nearly 35,000. Any homeowners interested in roofing services in this area should call Paramount Roofing and Consulting.

Otis’s company clearly provides high-quality roofing services with a high performance standard, customer service, and work ethic. As a result, consumers who choose Paramount can expect to get the best possible results in this area of Atlanta.