Does Roof Rejuvenation Work?

close-up of worn shingle roofing

What Is Roof Rejuvenation?

No matter where in the country you provide your professional roofing services, roof rejuvenation is something to present to your clients. When you do, you’ll most likely be asked a lot of questions, like what is roof rejuvenation? And how well you’re informed and answer these questions will determine if you make the sale. So, how should you answer that question?

The majority of homes in this country have asphalt shingle roofs. As shingles age, they lose their natural oil, becoming dry and brittle and overall less effective in doing their job. One of the best things your roofing services can do is have multiple choices to offer your clients. Those choices include roof repair versus replacement, along with roof rejuvenation, thanks to today’s technology.

The Basics of Roof Rejuvenation

When they ask you what that is, explain to them it is soy fusion technology. With roof rejuvenation sprayed over their existing asphalt shingles. It is an all-natural bio-oil that restores flexibility back into the asphalt shingles, enabling them to withstand the changing temperatures and extreme weather that can be experienced across the country. Additionally, it can extend the life of the existing asphalt shingle roof life between 5 and 15 years! 

Of course, the homeowner’s next question will be, “What does roof rejuvenation cost?” Just like with a new roof installation, the cost can vary based on the size of the roof. With new asphalt shingle roofing costing up to $20,000 or more for many homes today, your roofing services can advise them that the cost of a roof rejuvenation will be a small percentage of that and provide them a list of the benefits that this treatment will have for them and the environment. 

Before you can sell your clients a roof rejuvenation treatment, you want to be able to answer basic questions for them. Some of the most common questions you should be prepared to answer are: 

How Can I Tell if My Roof Has Problems?

Before you answer this question, ask your client, “What do think? When should you redo your roof?” You may be surprised by their answers. It could range anywhere from, “I don’t know,” to “When it’s leaking!” This is when you want to take the time to explain to them what roofing services you offer and how you know when repairs are possible or if replacement is a must. There are several things that can indicate a new roof is needed. Here we have listed four indicators that cannot be ignored: 

A Sunken Roof

A roof that has sunk or buckled needs immediate professional roofing services. These are both signs of rot in the support beams and studs that provide structural integrity to the roof. If they are rotting, the integrity is weakened. 

Water Spots and Stains

If you have noticed water spots or stains on the ceiling, you have a roof leak, and the longer it goes unaddressed, the more water damage is happening. Schedule professional roofing services sooner than later to prevent your roof from rotting too much and becoming unsafe. 

Algae and Moss Growth

A roof that has algae, lichen, or moss growth can is often because of insufficient ventilation. Some growth is normal, but when it spreads, it is damaging the structure of your roof and home. A company that provides a full line of roofing services can inspect the attic and roof, then make suggestions on how to remedy the problem and save your roof. 

Cracked & Missing Shingles

Cracked or missing shingles are common after significant weather events like hailstorms and high winds. If it just one or two, replacing is them is sufficient roofing services, but a thorough inspection is recommended. A total roof replacement may be the best way to go based on unseen damage under the shingles. 

What is the Cause of Most Roof Problems?

A leaking roof is the most common complaint that companies offer roofing services hear. The problems can range from broken, cracked, or missing flashing and/or shingles. 

What Maintenance Should Be Done for a Roof?

As a homeowner, the things you can do to extend the life of your roof include:

  1. Keep the gutters and downspouts cleaned and repaired.
  2. Keep trees trimmed back. 
  3. Removing sufficient accumulation of ice and snow. 
  4. Perform monthly inspections looking for broken, cracked, or missing shingles.
  5. Schedule roof services for cleaning off algae, lichen, and moss buildup.
  6. Check the attic ventilation, insulation, and leaks.
  7. Have professional roofing services inspect the roof once a year.
close-up of shingle roofing in good condition

In Closing 

A company that offers professional roofing services should advise its clients of the options that we mentioned earlier. If they choose to make repairs, explain to them the method and the processes your company uses and how to repair a roof leak.